Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

So these are just some of the shelves we busted out last week.  There's a 6ft, three 5ft-ers, two 4ft-ers, seven 24 inchers, and a 12 inch.  This week I have four 24 inchers, two 18 inchers, and four 12 inchers.  Ya that's right no help this week, just me.  Good thing they are all the mini shelves.  I'll post pics as soon as I get them all painted.  They are our smallest shelves yet..... and very affordable ;)

This is the {Fleur de lis}.  Our shorter shelves, like this, are now called {scrappies}.  They are the scraps left over from larger made shelves.  They make cute fun little shelves.  This piece is 12 inches wide and painted black with brown undertones.

This is the {Cathedral}. This too is a scrappy shelf.  It is 24 inches wide and painted black with rich red undertones.  This was an experimental color and we love how it turned out. 

Another scrappy!!  A couple years ago we had some requests for some knobby shelves and they turned out supper supper cute.  I wish I had pics to show you how to die for they were..  This little guy my hub made.  I painted it and he picked the knobs out and attached them.. This is the {Lion heart}. This is a
 24 inch shelf painted black with rich red undertones. 
This is the {Oval Romance}. This is our best selling piece and color.  It's also the tallest piece we sell. This is a 24 inch painted black with brown undertones..   
These are just some of the pieces we made last week.  We are really trying to do better with taking pics of all our pieces ;)  Also you can find all these pieces at Designer Blvd. in Gilbert.

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