Monday, August 29, 2011

Etsy Items

Fun Colorful Knobby Chalk Boards

Burlap Cork Board with Tin Tile Frame

Colorful Vintage Book Bundles

isn't the cover of this one fun!!

Here's another fun one.  Love them!!

I put together these fun Vintage Book Bundles wrapped in burlap twine to add a splash of color to any space in your home. 

Over 100 year old tin cornice
I was able to get my hands on several pieces of this amazing, old, mintish green, chippy tin cornice.  The cool part about them is that they came out of a historic building in the little town I grew up in.  I have only made one shelf out of this tin and it was for another girl that grew up in the same town.  I haven't put these up in my shop yet, because I am having a hard time wanting to part with them.  So i'll probably keep a few for my self {hehe} and sell the rest. 

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