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This was my first 7ft shelf I had ever made.  Lucky me the buyer of this shelf was a photographer and so nicely took this photo of it in her lovely home.
This shelf is painted antique brown.
This shelf is one of my favorites and this picture was taken in my home.
This is a 48" shelf in antique black with gold.

This is one of my mini's.  It's not as large and chunky as most of my other shelves. 
One of my chunkiest styles.  Photo was taken by it's owner.
This is one of my discontinued pieces and was one of my favorites as well.

Fleur di les shelves.
This is a 36" shelf in antique red.

48" shelf in black with brown undertones. 
Pictures don't say justice on this color.  It is my most popular color.

18" shelf in antique black with gold

12" shelf in antique red

12" black with brown undertones
6" sconce in antique light green

6" sconce in antique black with gold

This is my Cathedral style shelf. 
This is a 48" in black with rust showing thru.
I have sold tons of this style and sadly I only have a few pics of this piece. 
This is my best selling shelf.

24" shelf in antique white

24" black with rich red undertones {new color}
This little chunky sconce is a little over 6" wide in antique red and is my most favorite. 
Everything about this little shelf I love..

 This is a 12" wide, painted black w/ brown undertones. 

{Lion Heart}

48" antique white

24" Knobby shelf, black with rich red undertones.  A couple of years ago I made this style in 4ft and painted it an antique pink with the knobs as well and it was seriously the cutest shelf ever.  The owner has yet to send me pics of the darling shelf but when/if I get pics I will definatly post them.

{Oval Romance}

 This is my chunkiest piece I sell.  Pretty much 24" tall!! This is my best selling piece right now, especially painted black with brown undertones.. They sell like crazy..  This one is 48" long in antique white.

24" black with brown undertones
48" painted black w/ brown undertones

{Mini Fleur}

 This is a 48" antique olive green and is also the same shelf in the top photo.  It looks so pretty in my MIL office..

36" antique white

{Mini Wreath}

 48" antique red

12" antique white & olive green, and black with brown undertones

36" distressed white

{New Mini's}

This is my newest piece available.  I took a pic before I painted it so you could see the detail in the tin.
This is a 24" painted black w/ brown

This is 18" painted black w/ brown

This is 12" painted black w/ brown

I love these little ones.  This is 6" painted black w/ brown. 

Lots more to come!!!
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