Saturday, December 11, 2010

{Dream Board}

I found this old window at an antique store less than a year ago and knew it had so much potential so I snatched it up.  Forever I couldn't decide what exactly I wanted to do with it and then I found my inspiration at an another antique store.  I called it a dream board... It was an old window like mine, except it had metal screening on the back instead of glass..
Don't know why I thought of "dream board" but that was what popped in my head.  Anyways...
So I broke the glass out of it, then went to Ace Hardware and bought some wire fencing.  That was the only thing closest to metal screening that this little town had..  But it looked just like the screening that was in the inspirational piece.  So I cut the piece to fit the back of the window and stapled it on.

I then painted the screen with brown and black spray paint to make it look rusty..  Sorry no pics during the process.. 

When I put the screening on I thought that the whole piece needed a little extra something and this is what I thought would be perfect for it. 

I found the wood onlay's at Home Depot .  {This is just an example i found online.} 
I glued it on instead of nailing because it was pretty thin and figured if I nailed it it would break.  Then I painted it cream and antiqued it.  It's actually kinda embarrassing the crazy colors this thing went through...  Cream was a safe color for the frame and I knew it would turn out fab..It was perfect..

Love this little thing.  Don't what it is, but I love the rustiness of it and it gives the whole piece character.

One of the best parts of this whole piece, and I guess it's why I call it the "dream board", because it's magnetic and you can put pics and fun stuff on there..   One of my SIL has a dream board in her room that she puts all of her goals, and dreams she wants to accomplish in her life..  The whole idea is kinda cool... That's what I'll probably use this window for.  You could use chicken wire instead of screen and use clothes pins to attach pics or whatever you wanted.  possibilities are endless :)  I liked the idea of putting cute magnets on it though..  Fun magnets huh??!!..

Now I just need to find the perfect spot.  Defiantly needs to be around some fun colors so it pops..


Funky Junk Interiors said...

It's beautiful! Love the architectural detail you've added as well. Wow.. sweet way to frame those photos!


Anonymous said...

OMG...I LOVE it! The magnets are even fabulous!

Take care,

Toni @ That's Beeutiful said...

Very cute! Love it!

Elle {SWITCHEROOm} said...

it's really fun how it's so simple to transform junk into something really pretty, and dreamy. Pun intended. :)

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