Thursday, December 2, 2010

{Vintage-y Chair}

This is my latest furniture makeover piece.  My SIL and I were Goodwill shopping and I spotted this chair and knew I had to have it.  First it was marked $85, then we got them to go down to $6.99 and since it was half off saturday I got it for $3.99..  I was so excited to bring it home and work it over.  My whole plan for this piece was to revamp it and sell it at a boutique.  Well it didn't really work out that way and i'll tell you why in a little bit. 

So here is the step by step process of revamping this chair. 
First I took off the seat and removed the fabric.

Then I I gave it a good coat of cream paint.  Just the change of paint made a huge difference.  It was already looking so much better.

Then I glazed it with my custom brownish glaze mix.  You can see my glaze tutorial  HERE....  I Loved how it was turning out

Then I cut some new batting and stapled it to the seat.

This was so easy I was so excited to put the fabric on.  I have been in love with this fabric forever and when I finished painting and glazing the chair I knew this fabric would look so good with it.  I got it btw :)  So anyways I made sure the pattern in the fabric was lined up and center with my seat and then I started stapleing it on.  I pulled the fabric tight then staple.  I started in the middle then would work my way out to the edges.  When I got all the sides done I went back and stapled any empty holes so it was all nice and smooth.

When I was done I trimmed all the extras off the back.

This was rediculasly easy and actually really fun.  Now I feel like I could recover something larger.... like a wing back chair maybe ;) 

And here is the finished product... 
 So I was telling you why I didn't sell it at the boutique.. My hub fell in love.. I mean LOVE with this chair and talked me out of selling it.  He said it would be the perfect chair to take off and put on his shoes LOL..... Love him!!!   I did end up taking it to the boutique but only to jazz up my booth and to have a stylish chair to hang out in.. ;)

 {Before and After}
Break down of cost:   Chair- $4, Paint- $5, Batting- FREE, Fabric- $6 {but this only took a fraction of what I had ordered. So I have enough to make a throw pillow maybe two}  so this cost me less than $15.  Love it....


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Anonymous said...

That whole transformation looks great! The fabric is so Anthroplogie. You are so lucky that your Goodwill lets you "bargain". Was that a typo, or did they really have it priced at $85 to begin with?

Take care,

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

I HAVE THAT FABRIC!!! I love it and you.

Love your guts

Anonymous said...

I'm your newest happy follower.

Nikki said...

That's a cool little chair! Love how it turned out!

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