Monday, August 29, 2011

Etsy Items

Fun Colorful Knobby Chalk Boards

Burlap Cork Board with Tin Tile Frame

Colorful Vintage Book Bundles

isn't the cover of this one fun!!

Here's another fun one.  Love them!!

I put together these fun Vintage Book Bundles wrapped in burlap twine to add a splash of color to any space in your home. 

Over 100 year old tin cornice
I was able to get my hands on several pieces of this amazing, old, mintish green, chippy tin cornice.  The cool part about them is that they came out of a historic building in the little town I grew up in.  I have only made one shelf out of this tin and it was for another girl that grew up in the same town.  I haven't put these up in my shop yet, because I am having a hard time wanting to part with them.  So i'll probably keep a few for my self {hehe} and sell the rest. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

{Etsy Update}

Added new items to my Etsy....
24 in wave
black with expresso undertones

Tin tile cork board
24 in x 36 in
antique red

and organized my shop a little.  I still have a ton of items to make and post.  But since we are building a garage {yay} I have to put the "making" part on hold for a few days.  I am so excited for our garage!  I'll post about it later but it has some exciting details I can't wait to share with you.. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

{the begining}

I was going through all my old posts and I have a ton that I took off my blog and just saved as drafts.  I had forgotten about some of these pieces.  These were the pieces that started Decor Createur.  So I thought it would be kinda fun to give you the history of Decor Createur and how it got started. 

{48"x48" tin tile.  1st and last one I made this big}
It was amazing though

It all started when I fell in love with the tin tile. I was seeing antique tin tiles in all the little home decor boutiques but they were way out of my price range. I really wanted some but just couldn't justify spending so much on one. I was bound and determined to find some, so I searched online and found where I could buy new raw tin tiles for so much cheaper. All I had to do is paint them my self. Done deal.. I ordered my the pieces I wanted and when I got them painted them to coordinate with my living room. They were awesome! Everyone that came over was in love and wanted their own too. Then they turned into super Saturday projects for my ward and then they started spreading like a wild fire.

At first I didn't think about selling them, but then I was introduced to the tin cornice shelf. I wanted to figure out how to make them and make a business out of it. I ordered several pieces for shelves, and tons of tin tiles.  When I got all my pieces in I went back home {where I live now} to my dads {carpenter in the past} and had him show me how to build a shelf. 
Then I had to come up with a name.  I made me a list of names that described what I did.  There was some pretty cheesy ones.  None of them I was really pleased with.  Back then every thing written in french was super popular, so I got on a translating website and started typing in the names I had on my list.  There were two that really stood out to me.  1. Lotta Bella {beautiful tin}, and 2. Decor Createur {creative decor}.  I liked them both and couldn't decide.  I started thinking out side the box.  Was I just going to be making shelves forever?  Ive always wanted my own shop with a wide variety of home accessories.  That's when I decided on Decor Createur. 

{bulletin board}

{huge chunky tin frame}

{tin frame}

{bad pic, but this is seriously the cutest shelf.  It hangs so cute in my nieces bedroom to ;)}

I started out selling my pieces at "in home boutiques". Then people started talking and spreading my name. Then it started spreading out of state into Utah.  I was discovering more styles to make and with trial and error, my shelves took on a whole new and better look. 
Sadly my little family and I ended up moving back home due to the economy and my business slowed down tremendously. I then started considering selling on Etsy. Then one day I got a phone call..  It was my favorite, and the most amazing home decor shop/boutique.. Designer Blvd. They wanted to buy my shelves and sell them in their store.. I seriously was jumping around the house and squealing like a little girl. I had a perma grin for weeks. 

They were selling my shelves like crazy.  They were having me do custom orders for their design jobs.  Well they still are :)  I was so so busy.  My Etsy shop got put on hold.  I was so busy building shelves and being a mom, I just didn't have time to take on one more thing.  But I made it a goal to still open one in the future.  In 2010 I made it my goal to have an Etsy shop up and going at least by the end of the year.  Well it was Dec 31 when I opened my shop, but hey, I still did it.  
 I just have to say I love what I do. I don't know if to many people can say they love their job, but I do... I am so excited that my pieces are being sold all over the country now and I can't wait for it to grow into something so much bigger.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{these are a few of my favorite things}

{mustard yellow}

Don't know what it is about mustard yellow, but I get butterflies everytime I see furniture, pic frames, hair accessories, etc.. in this color.  I would like some piece of furniture in my living room thats bold {mustard yellow}, antiqued and chippy. 


{This ottoman is actually one of my goal projects this year. Wood trim, legs and all..  But a rectangle ottoman instead of square.}
I love tufted anything...  If my husband would allow it I would have tufted sofas like the amazing ones at Horchow.  sigh......  He wants a reclining sectional, so we have bit of a problem there ;)

{french script fabric}
ballard designs

{plaid and checks}

ballard designs

Love the script fabric and plaids or big chunky checks.  Black or brown, either or..  Lots of big fluffy pillows in any of these would be nice..

thats all :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{old rusty rusty frames}

{rusty corrugated tin frames}
I saw some corrugated tin picture frames, similar to this one, several years back. I was in love... But of course I was bound and determined to figure out how to make some my self.. I lived in the city then and rusty corrugated tin was hard to come by. Almost 2 years ago my family and I moved out of the city and into a small town in the country. There's rusty tin everywhere, but you can't go around stealing tin off of people's barns right ;)

In the fall of 2009, on my deer hunt ,my husband and I came across the mother load of rusty corrugated tin.  In the middle of no where in a huge wash.. Jack Pot...  All the pieces were part of an old barn or shed at one time, but had fallen down and was mostly covered by sand.. After hunting season was over, we hooked up to our flat bed trailer and headed back out there.. 

I have had this stack of rusty tin for over a year now and have been procrastinating on my project.  Why???  Well 1. one day I tried cutting through the tin with tin shears and holy crap that stuff is hard to cut through..  2. I have been afraid to use my husbands metal grinder which would cut the tin, and 3. I just wanted my husband to do it for me. 

The other day I finally got brave and busted out the hubs grinder and started playing around with it.  Surprisingly it was really fun! I got the hang of it and now I'm grinding on all kinds of metal.

Here's a little step by step tutorial on one of the frames I made.

First I cut out the tin for the frame.  This one I cut approximately 6"x6".  Then I traced a 3"x3" square for opening of the frame. I based this off of a frame I had already.  I then went over my pencil marks with the grinder so I could see where I needed to cut. 

My air compressor is not that big, so trying to cut this square out was taking way to long.  I got the grinder through the metal and made the hole big enough for tin snips to fit in and finish the job. 

After I got the square cut out, I went over the edges with the grinder to smooth out any rough or sharp edges. 

This is one I've completed.  It's big and chunky and I love it.   I didn't want nails or screws showing on front so I used clear Liquid Nails to glue the glass on the back and all the wood that holds the picture in place.  It took a long while for the glue to dry (like 24 hours) but that stuff (liquid nails) works wonders and my backing is on there for good. 

I love the curvyness they have, the rusty patina, and knowing that these pieces where part of a structure way back in time..  Love Love.....

Soon I'll have some of these up for grabs on My Etsy.
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